Handsome Yeva: A reconstruction of the Proto-indo-european myth #17

Near the Gates of the Hall of Reunion and Parting were standing, holding hands, Dar Veter and Darja Zimina. Their fingers we intertwined tight, so tight that knuckles turned white. Over the Eastern Landing, again, was flaring up a Dawn’s glow, and on the road to the Gates, across the rocky desert, was hustling a pack of Wolves-Shapeshifters, rising up a long dust trail. When the first beam of light from Ships of Dar Slovo touched the Shelter, Leader of the Wolves made a giant leap, blasting into the Gates, tumbling, but saving unscratched his precious cargo.

Dars rushed to a little boy whom the Wolf was carrying, and Darja Zimina carefully picked him up on her hands.

— I’ll be in the Hall of Mosses, and you, Veter, never show him yourself – that may make one crazy, trust me, — said Darja Zimina.

She ran away with her dear burden to another Hall, while Dar Veter turned to the still prostrated on the floor and hard breathing Saena, sat next to him, hugged him tight, and whispered in his ears:

— Dear my Wolf, we are so grateful for what you have done for us, once again!

Drip… Drip… Darkness… Drip… Drip… Silence… Drip… Drip… Moist moss…
Only Moon shines from afar… No, no, it is face of a fair maiden… And the Moon Girl is calling somebody…

— Yeva! Little Yeva! Can you hear me? Come to me! Come to my voice!

Became deserted the City of Falling Stars – accepted Older Dars in their company the younger Dar Svet with his Sons and Daughters. Went they away to the Heavenly World of Dars, leaving their silent, motionless, and now purposeless, artificial Creatures behind. Time passed, their origin was forgotten, vines entangled and covered them from the curious eyes, hid the Earth and the Sea traces of the Dar Svet’s work. But not completely was erased his legacy – the Heavenly Fire was still burning in the Hearts of those of the Dar Svet’s People who embraced it. All what could do Dar Svet begun to master His People.

Snejana walked about all, now desolate, Halls of the City of Falling Stars, touching their colonnades, balustrades, and walls, and came back to the Shack that she concealed from this World with the use of Belvish enginuity since she, Mara and Svelen left it after Mara’s visit to Dar Vzor. Snejana entered the Shack through the still broken doorway, and sat on the bench in front of the rough table.

— Knock-knock, — heard her.

— Come in, Saena, — invited her the Wolf, even not turning back on the sound. — What’s the purpose of knocking in the broken by yourself doors? Come in, only you left of those whose breath has been touching these objects, and who remembers that…

— That’s not true, Snejana, — answered the Wolf, making himself comfortable on another side of the table. — I’m here with a message. Dar Veter and Darja Zimina… Yeva and Mara… asked me to tell you, that when you get tired from this City, they will be waiting for you at Home.

The end.

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