Announcement of my paper published in Studia Mythologica Slavica

I am pleased to announce that my paper was published in SMS (Studia Mythologica Slavica), v. 20, 2017:

Indo-Iranian parallels of the Slavic water rites of the oath and guilt confirmation attested in Medieval Latin accounts and Slavic law codices

In this article are presented Slavic rituals of the contract, and confirmation of oaths through water, mentioned in the historic accounts and law codices. Connections between the deities given in the historic accounts and descriptions of the rituals are proposed. Parallels between the Slavic and Indo-Iranian water oath rites, as well as their semantics and related deities, are offered. An attempt to justify the validity of the reconstruction of the missing elements of one mytho-religious space with the use of another, a better-known
space, is presented, given that the elements of the interest satisfy the homomorphic
mapping between the spaces. It is suggested that the mapping of the water oath rites and
their associated deities in the Slavic and Indo-Iranian mytho-religious spaces satisfy the
homomorphic mapping criteria.

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