Handsome Yeva, Original Slavic and Baltic Folk Poetry

The original Slavic and Baltic Folk Poetry, on which the reconstruction “Handsome Yeva: An Indo-European Tale” was based, is borrowed from the “basic myth” reconstructions of V.V.Ivanov and V.N.Toporov, V.Belaj, and R.Katičić, and folklore collections those researches have selected folk songs from for their works. The poetry goes as epigraphs to the sections that were reconstructed upon it. Please, enjoy the loose translations of those folk songs and verses, as well as the reconstruction, too, or maybe foremost.

Sleep my baby, rock-a-bye,
On the edge you must not lie.
Wolf the Fluffy roams astray,
Will he grab you, drag away?
Into Furthest Darkest Woods,
Hide you under Willow roots?
There birdies chirp and squeak,
Will they let you fall asleep?

Handsome Yeva’s picking roses,
Bride, for you, oh, Heavens’ Daughter!
HKG 272, Bedeković XVIII

Handsome Mara took the flowers,
On the eve of summer lovers,
Oh, Bride, Oh, Bride, Oh, Ivo’s Bride,
From roses made she wreath of love,
For Ivan from the High Above,
Oh, Bride, Oh Bride, Oh Ivo’s Bride,
Who carries blazing Sun,
And Crescent – shining one,
Oh, Bride, Oh, Bride, Oh, Ivo’s Bride,
By right hand – starts the Fire,
By left one – hugging Mara,
Oh, Bride, Oh, Bride, Oh, Ivo’s Bride.
HKG 307, Cepelovec 1974

Crescent Slim, Crescent Bright,
Remember you your wedding’s light?
Bride was shining like the Sun,
Was it like a springtime charm?
She was waking up daylight,
Used you leave her lone at night?
You were walking all alone,
Fell you for the lovely Dawn?
You have stirred father’s angst,
Hacked he sword through you in haste?
Asking those questions hard:
– Who broke up my daughter’s heart?
– Who did wander nights alone?
– Who beloved the lovely Dawn?
ИОСД 19, Rėza 1958

Green Juray – green cape, Green Juray – green hat,
Green Juray – green branches, Green Juray – like tree,
He’s dressed in leaf bunches, you can not him see.
Green Juray walks far, Green Juray walks hard,
Through mountains, hills, to dells and ravines.
At the tree, in morning chills, cuckoo slowly swings,
On the meadow, early dawn, Mara’s waiting on and on,
All her sisters wed already, she is still alone,
Mara makes the city ready, nine her brothers woke’n gone.
She’s got apples golden for her future chosen,
Whom she hands them over? Who will be her darling?
Juray, don’t be covert! Juray, try be charming!
Mara, leave your doubt, Juray, gallop out,
Dash pass smoky, misty cliff, to wide open prairies green,
Spring through dusty gorges stiff, to the shady deep ravine!
ИОСД 197, Huzjak 1957
Zeleni lug 139, Miklaušič 1994

They say the Luck lives overseas,
That deep underwater it walks,
I’d say on the Silver Throne she seats,
And from the Mountain talks…
Спрогис 305

The treats you give us no more,
We’ll snatch the son of yours at dusk,
The youngest, dearest one you bore,
We’ll drag him pass the mountains murk,
To steppe flat, where flowers sway,
Where sister his and girls in play…
HKG 200, Huzjak 1957

When girl came up to the water rim,
She put an eye on her lover,
The young began messing around with him,
They were thrusting with an apple each other,
The girl went sobbing up and whim,
What lies to tell to her mother.
HKG 235, Kukuljević 1879

Young Bachelor went tromp,
the prairies green,
A lot of grass he stomp,
The path he sought,
he’s not seen,
He wept and sobbed,
to darling of his he went back in.
HKG 245, Шейн 1898

On the mountain chalk,
Sits the Mighty Grey Hawk,
He looks far and wide,
At the towns he eyed,
Does the cradle he rock.
HKG 293, Hranjec 1991, Kukuljević 1847

Vila the White,
Built a City up height,
Not in the Heavens, not on the ground,
But on the edge of a Cloud,
Vila the White,
Put defences the bright,
Gold defends the heights, Sun defends the gate,
Moon defends the City when it’s late,
Vila the White,
Stood with Sun at sight,
Watching what comes from the bay,
And saw Lightning and Thunder play,
Vila the White,
Wed her son on Moon at night,
And gave her daughter to Gold, as bride,
They have couple brothers, she’s their brother’s wife…
ZL 218

Jarilo walks in every land,
Making fields to bear wheat,
Begetting human’s every kid…
ИОСД 181, Древлянский 1846

Where Goat shows her snout,
There Wheat heavily sprout…
ИОСД 187, Шейн 1898

On the green grass Jury plays,
on the Horse the Black,
On the green grass Old Man plays,
on the Goat Gray…
Old Man, play you no more,
Give the Keys to Jury!
Now Jury opens Spring,
Grows grasses, grows wheat,
Gives us harvest, gives us kids!
ИОСД 186-7, Романов 1911

I’m only afraid of the Grey-beard Old Man,
He’ll hit me, he’ll beat me, he torture me will,
Like wolf smashes goats and drags them away…
ИОСД 192, Малевич 1907, Шейн 1898

Hey, brid, bring the Keys from overseas,
Lock the Winther, lock the chill,
Let the Spring come out,
Let the grasses, let the food,
Let the health for people…
ИОСД 195, Шейн 1898, Добровольский 1903, Бессонов 1871

Morena, Mormorena!
You are leaving now,
Whom you’ll keys hand out?
I’m giving them to Jury,
To open the grassland,
I’m giving them to Jury,
To open the Heavens,
Among so many flowers,
He will live up in there.
Heavenly keyholder,
Open us the passage,
Passage to the Heavens,
But another passage,
Lock you with a weapon!
ИОСД 195, Sušil 1859

Ivan calls his mother:
Bring your keys up here,
Unlock the Morning’s beauty,
Morning dew on grassland!
ИОСД 195, Укр. нар. пiснi 1963

Muriena, Lady,
For whom you are dead already?
– I have passed far away,
For Old Man Beardy-Grey…
Lady Muriena,
Where are you now?
– I’m gone, I’m gone…
ИОСД 196-7, Melicherčik 1959

Ask me, my lover, where I am from!
Dare I ask you where are you from?!
Both we’re from Kiev, same father’s children…
Tell me, Mighty, lay not with my brother!
Tell you, Mighty, lay not with your sister!
‘Cause waters won’t calm us, waters will spit us…
Then come into Prairies, dear my sister!
Let’s turn into grasses, dear my brother!
Children will call them Ivan-and-Marja,
Blue is for brother, yellow’s for sister…
ИОСД 225, Бел. сбор VIII, Шейн 1874, 1893, 226, Добровольский 1903, Поэзия крестьянских праздников 1970

On fire, is Oak on the Rock,
In trouble, is Chap under Oak,
The fire, who’ll put it off?
The trouble, who’ll save him from?
The water, girls, bring on in a sieve!
The water, boys, bring on in a cup!
ИОСД 223, Поэзия крестьянских праздников 1970

Kupala Night, it’s short and dark,
Kupala Night, it’s siblings’ bath,
They were apart and now met,
Kupala Night, it’s short and dark…
ИОСД 224, Бел. сбор VIII

By the mountain, under the Sun,
Ivan-and-Marja were bathing,
When Ivan was stumbling,
The rocks were trembling,
When Marja was splashing,
The grassland was washing…
ИОСД 231, Бел. сбор VIII

Come, Ivanku, play with us!
ИОСД 222, Украинское, народн. поэт. творчество 1958, Выпiсы 1925

Where’s a flame, there’s a game!
ИОСД 222

In the morning Jan’s not sleeping,
‘Cause the Sun is playing!
ИОСД 222, Šmits 1940

Sun is playing, bees are playing,
Whole the meadow is in play,
Darling Marena plays with kids!
ИОСД 222, 239, Вольтер 1890

Today we hail Kupala,
Oh, Girl, you’re not who starts the Fire,
By God it’s made and given…
ИОСД 218, Шейн 1898, 1874, Романов 1911, Дмитриев 1869

Hey, you, Janko-boy,
Where’re you starting fire?
– In Bobrovski land afar,
There I’m starting fire!
Whom this wedding will be for?
– It will be for Jura,
Jura Stephanovich,
and Mara Kalinovich!
ИОСД 218, Melicherčik 1959

Ivan’s calling Marja:
Bring the Keys in here,
Lock the teeth of Witches,
Lock the teeth of Serpents.
ИОСД 234, Поэзия крестьянских праздников 1970

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