A quick and short (and late :)) Noah movie review

I’ve finally got a chance to watch the Noah movie (thanks to free amazon access). Verdict – What a flop! Despite all these attempts to embed there LOTR fragments to make the movie more bearable. Guys, these are different cultures – the Nordic mythology having put on top of the Middle Eastern epic, literally looks like a horse saddle on a cow (or sheep or camel if you will).

I can understand why the much more emotionally, intellectually, and morally intense narrative of the original babylonian story of the Deluge could not have been appropriative (and appreciative) to the audience used to the secondary, bleak and shallow narrative of the OT…

But, guys, you could have used the motifs of the later Jewish mysticism (of the Merkaba and Kabbala) to lighten up and sophisticate the action… There you could have found, for example, that there was not one Creator, but multiple, of the different levels and layers of the reality… that actions of the lower Creator(s) were seen by the higher Creator(s) with dissatisfaction (or rather disgust and anger)… and that “was made in his image” slogan meant that those lower Creators, having no idea about the existence of the Higher One, when contemplating about the image in which to make Humans, suddenly saw a strange image (that was revealed to them by the Higher One) in a pool of water, and decided, yeah, that a nice model… or these angels or demiurges had a quite different from the movie’s, a very handsome Earthy appearance, and it were they, not Adam, who seduced Eve and engendered Cain and Abel. And only Seth was the son of Adam… and Naama was a witch and tried to burn the Arc number of times… and all these nice things.

So, a big-big-big disappointment (not in the ways OT story was visualised – here there were no illusions that there will be something decently viewable), but in the lost great opportunities the story could have been told…

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One Response to A quick and short (and late :)) Noah movie review

  1. remanandhra says:

    The portrayal of biblical characters in this movie is completely unconvincing to me.

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