Contemplations after May 9th – the day of exorcism of the paternal spirits in Ancient Rome

The Ancient Romans on May 9th were celebrating the Lemuria festival – it was a time of the appeasement and eviction of the disturbed and restless souls of the ancestors out of the World of the Living: the Lemures and Larvae, the former were shapeless, and the latter were shapeshifting vengeful ghosts, who were devouring the flash and drinking the blood of the Living, and, as st. Augustin was writing, also were disturbing the rested if peace souls. Ovid was writing that the celebration was established by Romulus, who wanted to appease soul of, killed by him, or by his order, his brother Remus, and that originally the feast was called the Remuria. Of course, it doesn’t matter whether Romulus (likely being a mythical figure), indeed, has started that celebration or not, and it doesn’t matter how dubious is Ovid’s etymology – the very Foundation Myth of Rome is just an echo of the more ancient Proto-Indo-Europen Foundation Myth of the World, in which one of the Primordial Twin Brothers was sacrificed to build the World. There, in the ancient past, go the ideas of the strict delineation of the World of the Dead and the World of the Living, and danger of the uncontrolled infiltration inhabitants of the one world into another.

We can laugh on our naive and superstitious ancestors, however, how ridiculous and absurd could seem to us those ideas that take over the society, in their consequences, they will be quite real for that society. These days in Russia the “Memory” has become such an idea – the memory which, indeed, makes the long gone people the subjects of today’s reality, not in physical, material, but rather “spiritual” form, still affecting the reality given us by our senses. The memory, with all its beneficial qualities, when used wrong, has also very dangerous potentials. It can erode and canker the reality, it may destroy it or make it shadowy, it can stupefy and deprive its user of the will, or, in opposite, make him possessed. The memory may affect a person or the society in the same way as the Romans had thought the disturbed souls, the Lemures and Larvae can do.

It’s not an accident or caprice of J.R.R. Tolkien to give a motif of the destructive role of the exaggerated memory to elfish and people societies such a significant role in his reconstructions of the Proto-Indo-European, mainly in their Nordic appearance, myths. These people or elves just had “their great interest in ancestry and in tombs”, totally ignoring today’s needs of their World, letting it slide into decay and destruction. Lemures of the constantly disturbed ghosts of the ancestors of Denetor and proud Gondor’s nobility have eaten up his own soul and his Country.

Let’s elaborate on the “wrong” usage of memory, and the “disturbing” the gosts terminology.The first 20 year after the end WWII in USSR there was practically no Victory Day celebration: neither on the official, nor the popular level. The Victory Day, actually Victory Days – the Victory Day over Germany on 9th of May, and the Victory Day over Japan on 2nd of September – were cancelled in 1947, and a free of work day was moved from May 9th to January 2nd. The very Victory Parade, after being conducted once in 1945, was reinstated only in 1965 with coming of the Brezhnev Era. Stalin, of course, had his own personal practical interests to make people forget his personal pitfalls during and before the War, and to say that after we heroically won such a tough war, it is time to look in the future and concentrate efforts and thoughts of the Country on Reconstruction and Development; however, the battlefield veterans also were very reluctant to recall the War, which anyone knows who had fathers-grandfathers who came back home from the War. The major motto of that generation was: “The only important thing is there will be no War anymore”. Tryals of that War left their souls, to the end of their days, disturbed and restless, actively or passively seeking peace and oblivion.

The “Memory”, which become fashionable in Russia last years, and which brutally pulls up souls of the veterans from the blessed peaceful rest, is a bad, vice, deforming memory. This “memory” serves interests of the current Russian Duke and his Aristocracy, who have smelled changes in the Wind of History, the changes which will threaten their seats and necks, and decided to throw not only their nation, but also fraternal nations, and nations of the whole World into a new War, only to buy few years of their safety. And you imagine that such a “memory” would not disturbed souls of the people whose only dream was put to the end all War forever? The rising, since the Brezhnev times, industry of the “Memory” had awakened so many Lemur souls, that they have eaten up the Regime from the inside; now, in 2014, these multiplied restless souls have tested the blood in Ukraine, having infiltrated there inside the Victory Day’s insignias a symbols.

You say: “1941-1945: We can repeat”? What are you going to repeat? The change of population in USSR from 200 million in 1941, to 170 million in 1945? For the current population of Russia ~145, that repetition would end up in 110 million, with half of them sick from wounds, injuries, physical or mental, and another half sick from effects of malnutrition, food shortage and starvation? Do you realize what are you doing with the souls of your veteran fathers-grandfathers?

And that march of the “Regiment of Immortals(!)”, in which, it was counted, 12 million have participated? It’s not even a Zombie Apocalypse, – it’s an Apocalypse of Lemures, when, shamelessly and cheerfully, are disturbed the souls of those who seek peace rest, and turbulent festival of Anti-Lemuria is getting enjoyed by the masses. And there is nobody to cry out: «Manes exite paterni… Manes exite paterni! MANES EXITE PATERNI!!!»

“Souls of the ancestors, be gone! Be gone from the World of the Living – to your World of the Blessed Peace and Oblivion!”

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