News on the “Saxo Grammaticus” project

martenicaThe “Saxo Grammaticus” project on Kickstarter was moved into the “Staff Picks” and “New and Noteworthy” categories (Whoo-hoo!):

Actually, what is that:

“Saxo Grammaticus was one of the least biased chronists of XII-XIII centuries, who gave us a most detailed description of the pagan Slavic religion he witnessed during the Danish-German conquest of the Baltic Slavs. We learn from him that Slavs had a very developed, hierarchical religious concepts, sophisticated rituals, influential class of priests, multistory wooden temples with beautiful statues and decorations.

However, translation of the particular book of his work Gesta Danorum is practically inaccessible (even through libraries) in English and never existed in Russian. I started raising funds to publish a new translation of Saxo Grammaticus’ account on pre-Christian religion of the Slavs.”

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