Nous sommes Charlies. Qui sont Kouachies? (We are Charlies. Who are Kouachies?)

Not quite hot on the spot, but rather warm than cold, David Brooks in I Am Not Charlie Hebdo:

“…but let’s face it: If they had tried to publish their satirical newspaper on any American university campus over the last two decades it wouldn’t have lasted 30 seconds. Student and faculty groups would have accused them of hate speech. The administration would have cut financing and shut them down.”

From that obvious observation follows quite a trivial conclusion: those student and faculty groups and administrations (name a legion of such entities) act like allies and aides of the jihad terrorists.

A more interesting question is what to do with those who act like allies and aides of the jihad terrorists?

The problem that prevents many to see those people who love to retaliate to free speech as allies of jihadists, I see in barbaric fundamentalist roots of the American society. Toxins of the “Pilgrim” ideology, which sees the religious “rights” as prime, cornerstone ones, are not yet neutralized in contemporary American society. These toxins disrupt and corrupt a new paradigm of the 21st century that all groups of the society deserve protection of their ways of life and thinking, despite that some other groups may think of those as inherently and unchangeably inferior, and desirable to vanish.

Yes, this new thinking slowly finds its way into American psyche, but that are not only gays, ethnic minorities, religious nutjobs, physically or mentally disabled who deserve and need that protection, but also the politically incorrect and vulgar people (yes, Charlie Hebdo journalists were such) deserve it, too.

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2 Responses to Nous sommes Charlies. Qui sont Kouachies? (We are Charlies. Who are Kouachies?)

  1. computeruser6 says:

    What you must understand is that the student and faculty groups are just trying to get a head start on paying the jizya. They’re cowards, er uh, corageous individuals that defend free speech except for those who criticize/insult Mohammed. If you make a satirical paper or make any legitimate criticism of Islam, someone who has nothing to do with Islam will try to blow you up. Doesn’t that make sense? It’s a world we can all be happy with, especially leftists that couldn’t defend themselves against armed sociopaths anyway.

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