Handsome Yeva: A reconstruction of the Proto-indo-european myth #15

Went away the silver light in Mara’s eyes. Looked she around, and did not see neither the City, nor the Forest. What she saw, which was some time ago the Forest, was extending up to the very horizon with stumps, log piles, bald and waste lands; some of them smoking, some covered with frost, some turning into weightless dust from the faintest blows of wind. Here and there were seen carcasses of the fallen, sometimes scattered in pieces, sometimes half-dug into the ground, sometimes flickering with splashes of light, sometimes oozing acid fumes, sometimes immobile and impenetrable Flying Chariots, Combat Centipedes and Scorpions.

Mara broke her stupor and went scrambling over and between dead Tree falls, mountains of Dust and heaps of Foam, looking for anybody alive. Suddenly, she heard a fast wheezing coming from another side of the next log mound, and, getting over it, she found a Silv in a ditch, pinned to the ground by a giant oak branch. Blood was gushing through his wounds, and Silv was becoming paler with every second. Mara tried to stop the blood loss, pressing on his wounds, but only two hands were definitely not enough.

— Help! Help me! Anybody who can hear me! — cried she out.

After some time she heard a twig crackles, and on the opening before the ditch, where Mara was sitting on her knees near the wheezing Silv, came out Dar Vilenus. Mara jerked, but because she could not have taken hands off the wounds, remained sitting, bowing over the injured.

Dar Vilenus quickly stopped the blood, Silv’s breathing became regular and deep, and he fell asleep. Dar Vilenus and Mara had no time for asking each other questions – saving the Forest and Its People were much more urgent. Long sleepless and tiring hours, days and nights were walking they, Saena, Fawa, and other Wolfs and Vilas of Dar Vilenus’ company through the former Forest, and now Wastelands, seeking those Trees, Plants, Forest People, and People of the Dars who needed help. Not many of them left alive, or even dead. Each acorn, each nut, each seed, or even shred of skin or fur became valuable. Zimina, who accepted a new name, given her by the company for the new looks of the Winter Queen she assumed after the travel Dar Vzor’s gift sent her in, and other Dar Vilenus Aides were collecting every crumb of flesh, which life could be restored from. Those, whom nothing were left from, they were leading to the Shelter Dar Veter started to build up.

When Zimina was coming for the first time to the Dar Veter’s Shelter, the architect froze, turned around, and sights of their eyes met, not to part for a long-long time…

To be continued…

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