Handsome Yeva: A reconstruction of the Proto-indo-european myth #14

When news about Yeva’s and Mara’s disappearance reached Dar Svet, sorrowful, then furious he got, blamed him all on Dar Vilenus:

— I knew, I knew, there never could a peace between us. Could had not him, the Serpent, get rid off me this World, then he decided to target the most precious of mine – the youngest ones. Turned, him, Yeva into a monster, lured Mara into Unknown Worlds. There will be no rest neither for me, nor for My People, while Dar Vilenus walks this World!

18 Days, artist Mukesh Singh

18 Days, artist Mukesh Singh

Summoned, Dar Svet, His Older Sons, His People, and other Dars’ Nations under his Standards. Again, like in the times of the First War of Dars, silently took off the swarms of Flying Chariots, chirping of the Fighting Scorpions filled the air, Smoke of War clouded the horizon, flashed by the darting of lightning arrows.

Called, like in ancient times, Dar Vilenus, for his help Combat Trees, Giants and Shapeshifters, but few answered. Deaf, Blind, and Lifeless remained Trees in the Parks and Gardens of the City of Falling Stars, and many among the Forest People were following Dar Svet’s commands, steering his Flying Chariots and Fighting Centipedes.

Quick and short, this time, was the Second War of Dars – pressed against the Rock, Dar Svet, surrounded Dar Vilenus with his Aides. Took his Vajra-Axe, came him out of the Flying Chariot to finish the business, came out for the Last Blow. But stood on his way Yeva, asking pardon for Dar Vilenus.

— My Father, — was saying him, — don’t commit this atrocity. Let them be, Dar Vilenus and his aides: Vilas and Wolves-Shapeshifters. Nobody cares after Trees and Grasses, after Little Beings of this World, which comes no profit from, only them. If you won’t stop, the Forest loses his Mentor, wither, fade and be blown away by the winds, the Sands of Desert will cover the World.

— Move away, Yeva, from my path! — shouted Dar Svet. — Nobody cared that the entrance to Heavens was shut before me, nobody cared that My People were deprived of the Heavenly Fire, nobody cared that they were left without a Mentor, nobody cared that I was tortured, and, suffering and helpless, was let to rot like a last vermin. The Forest grows just fine without your Shapeshifters in my City. Choose, Yeva, what side you are at – either step away, or share the destiny of the Serpent, Dar Vilenus, and his Brood.

— I can’t choose, Father, — was answering Yeva, — I’m getting split in half. Part of me remembers cold evenings near the warm hearth in our Shack, together with you, Mom and Mara, our games with the village pals; but part of me remembers how cared after me Zimina, how fostered me Saena, how taught me Fawa, how lucid were crazy jokes of the Forest People…

— Let it be your way, — exhaled Dar Svet, and, letting the Vajra-Axe fall on Yeva’s head, slit him in two.

To be continued…

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