Handsome Yeva: A reconstruction of the Proto-indo-european myth #12

18 Days, artist Mukesh Singh

18 Days, artist Mukesh Singh

Went silent the City’s building haste, got used the People of Dar Svet to control man-made Giant Creatures that run faster than Leopards, fly higher than Eagles, are mightier than herds of Bisons. Viands, beverages and textiles of Dars pleased their taste and feel. Got accustomed the City’s inhabitants to the Forest People, with whom they begin to share their, now common, City – accustomed to the unheard before songs, unusual dances and unreserved rites. Life of the City entered the age of prosperity, time of the Weddings has come.

Yeva and Mara also asked Dar Svet for his blessing of their Marriage.

— Did you think that through well? — asked Dar Svet his children. — People do not welcome Marriages of Brother and Sister.

— Nothing is banned for Children of Dars, — objected Yeva. — This is the noblest of all Unions.

— Had all been allowed, we would not converse today… – meditatively noted Dar Svet, — and we had not been Dars when you with Mara were born.

— Not for nothing has been being taught Yeva to master the Life, and I unlocked the Heavenly Fire you brought. We are Children of Dars! — entered conversation Mara.

— Let it be so, Ardent Yeva and Beautiful Mara, let’s have a Wedding to be told about in every corner of the Earth and in every moment of Time! — decided Dar Svet. — And invite everybody, I don’t have bad feelings against anybody anymore!

Roaring Spurts of Fires, Whirling Clouds of Steam, Slithering Plumes of Aromatic Smokes, and Sparkling Mists of Frosts, on which the Food has been being prepared, were meeting guests of the Mara’s and Yeva’s Wedding. Endless rows of tables were laden with slabs and slices of meat: thin and transparent like icicles, speckled like a granite, or opaque and monolithic like an obsidian, of the scarlet, bordo, emerald, or indigo colours, with orange crust, or violet ribbons of fat, or on sapphirine shank bones. On the huge platters were resting smocked thighs, dried wings, pickled ribs, steamed claws, fried tentacles, sugar-coated antlers, and who-knows which parts of which beasts. From the split carapaces of Giant Centipedes peerd tenderest white flesh, in the bowls of Huge Snail Shells laid piles of Edible Pearls, montblancs of Delicious Worms were towering over them. Vessels, lined up in the rows, with sweet, sour, hot Spices, and Sauces of all possible taste combinations, were bubbling and breathing out contrast aromas. Mumbling Tubers, Fruits bursting juices, sun-filled Stems and Leaves, were attracting the Vegetarians. Desserts made from the Seaweed Pastes, collected by the Spiders-Aquanauts, and desserts made from the Pollen, Spores and Juices of Lichens, Mushrooms and Trees, pumped out by the Snails-Scalers, lured in the Sweet-lovers.

Orchestras of the Lianshee and the Wards were playing on their instruments – some of them tiny, some giant, some requiring either multi-headed or multi-handed musicians – either exuberant, or slow and sweet, or rhythmic staccato tunes. The Eleans and the Tilves were dancing in accord to the music: either were blasting into the air and were revolving their straw, fiery, maroon or raven colour bunches of hair, or smoothly were gliding contours of their hips, waists and bosoms, or sharply were working out movements of their arms, shoulders and necks. In the mighty voices of musical instruments were weaving in metal chirpings and dings of bracelets and bells on the dancers’ ankles and wrists. Pearls and Mushroom Juices inflamed eyes of musicians and dancers with the iridescent light, which was casting sparkles and flares on the places where their sight was roaming, while colorful ornaments were splashing and rushing on their skin synchronously to their movements and emotions.

Dar Svet and Dar Vilenus were standing by the Cube of Light, moving the game’s figure pieces with their gestures, while the pieces sometimes were disappearing into or appearing from nothing. Sons and Daughters of Dars bolted away to the Crater Stadium to play the Ball Game on the mounted Eagles and Dragons. Saena gathered around himself a circle of Silens admirers of his shape-shifting skills, and was demonstrating transfigurations to forms and shapes out of his favorite collection. Fawa was wandering in the Gardens, mending broken tree branches and stamped grass, on his way spooking off couples who were seeking solitude and getting a breather in the Park’s alleys and arbours after their wild dances in the Ball Hall.

Zimina warned Yeva to keep her incognito, however Mara, passing by an inconspicuous figure indiscernible in a Colonnade of the Ball Hall, figuratively hit a wall:

— Who are you, Unfamiliar Guest, do I know you? Why are you laughing, but tears run down from your eyes? Why I felt the cold of an Iceberg inside which a Fire is burning?

— Don’t pay much attention to me, my dear Mara, I am Vila, daughter of Dar Vilenus. This is one of the best days of your life – memorize each your moment together with Yeva, leave the worries to other times. You will handle all well.

Just approached Yeva hugged confused Mara and carried her away into the Dancing Circle, while Zimina remained in the shadow of the Colonnade, dreamfully and wistfully gazing at the dancing crowd. Having danced until they almost dropped, Mara and Yeva slipped out to the Terrace, then in the Park, and, having put on their Skins,  galloped away to their secret, out of the Childhood, Place near the Banks of the River.

To be continued…

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