Handsome Yeva: A reconstruction of the Proto-indo-european myth #11

— Mara, — shouted Yeva when they were approaching the Town of Falling Stars, — you know all ins and outs on the Town’s perimeter. Will you be able to smuggle me in?

— That will be difficult. For myself a lot of things are permitted, but father seriously took on the Forest – not a single being knowing the Dar Vilenus’ craft will not pass the cordones. You, even in the human appearance, will be recognized. But whatever, we’ll come up with something…

However, they had ought not to improvise. Just before the outposts were in reach, a Gray Horse met the White Stallion and the Red Mare on the trail.

— Mara, Yeva, follow me! I have a secret, covert passage, — shouted her, and dived into an undistinguished back opening to a hidden elm alley which was leading to an underground tunnel.

Yeva and Mara, not having a clue what’s going on, nevertheless followed the Gray Horse. The underground corridor was lit by myriads of fireflies crawling on its ceiling, water from the pools on the floor was splashing around under the pounds of hooves, a resonating echo was pursuing the rushing trio. Finally the tunnel started going up, and the Gray Horse, and, following her, Mara and Yeva blasted into an empty hall. The Gray Horse looked back, and instantaneously acquired Snejana’s appearance. She came close to the startled White Stallion and Red Mare, and hugged their necks.

— Welcome back, Yeva, at last you came back. You both are home now, — started whispering Snejana in their ears.

— Mama? Horsa? But how… — still was wondering Yeva.

— The same problem could be solved by different means, — smiled Snejana, — that was an old Belfish wisdom.

— Dress up, kids, you may find something appropriate here, while I coming up for Zorisvet, — continued her.

— Mama! The most important! I brought with me what Dar Vilenus took up from Dad, — shouted out Yeva, coming out from his confusion.

A range of expressions ran through Snejana’s face: from unbearable pain, to unexpected joy, and stopped on focused concentration.

— Even more so, I’m coming up for Zorisvet. You remain here, in Skins. We all career to the Chariot – it has all necessary equipment. You are a strong boy, Yeva, you’ll be able to carry your father to the Chariot with no stops for rest. Mara, we’ll need your Key. Let’s start a new epoch, kids.

mbx_vol_01_22_battle_krishna_neo_final_by_nisachar-d56b6qh (2)

18 days, artist Mukesh Singh

Dar Svet was returning to the Town of Falling Stars. His shining Flying Chariot, in the flaming halo of Unburning Fire, landed at the Main Forum of the Town. From the wide open doors of the Chariot came out not the Old Blind Cripple, beaten and bitten by the Time and by the World, but a Mighty, Magnificent, and Eternally Young Dar. Now the Dar Svet’s People had not only the Heavenly Fire, which gave them an ability to master, in their time, Knowledge and Skills of Dars. Dar Svet himself brought the very Ideas, Findings, and Inventions of the Dars that were supposed to be destroyed and disappeared since the Last War of Dars. Even more, Dar Svet and his Science came not alone, but accompanied by Yeva, with his wielding of the Craft of Life and Knowledge of the Secrets of Plants and Animals. Came back the Older Sons and Daughters of Dar Svet, also, who, whole this time since the demise of their father, were scattered among the Other Dars’ Nations, and who brought all they have learned since then. Again, the Town, and now the City of Falling Stars has changed significantly. No more the City ought to fight the Forest, no more it had to wrest the Gifts of Nature from it. Disappeared the Ploughs and Cordones around the City, and the Forest came in not as a Wild Beast, smashing and crashing all on his way, but lied down as a furry fleece before the feet of City’s inhabitants, and delighted their senses as a cozy Park and Garden.

To be continued…

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