Handsome Yeva: A reconstruction of the Proto-indo-european myth #9

— Yeva,  — one day said Saena the Wolf,  — I have to show you something. Follow me.

They came into a Grotto which walls were all covered by the ivy. Water was trickling down the wines, dripping, tear by tear, from the tips of the heart-shaped lives. The Grotto was illuminated by the light coming out of the semi-transparent Chest standing on a pedestal in the middle. The luminescence from the Chest was rhythmically pulsing, alternatively dimming and then lighting up again.

Yeva looked at Saena, waiting for explanation.

18 Days, artist Mukesh Singh

18 Days, artist Mukesh Singh

— Long time ago, in times of the War of Dars, Dar Svet, Who Did Not Become Dar,  — started his story Saena,  — was storming Heavens to obtain the Heavenly Fire for himself and for His People. Resisted the Older Dars. They managed to damage Dar Svet’s Chariot, and it crashed on Earth, but the Heavenly Fire was already on board of the Chariot. The Will of the Older Dars would have failed, had not Dar Vilenus, assuming the human appearance, been among the People of Dar Svet, who were gathering around the Fallen Chariot. When Dar Svet stepped out of the half-dug in the ground Chariot, turned Dar Vilenus into a Dragon. Rushed the Dragon on Dar Svet, sharp as daggers fangs opened his chest, fast as lightnings claws slashed his face. Tore out Dar Vilenus the Heart and Eyes of Dar Svet, which were full of Heavenly Fire. It is not easy to kill the body of even a Junior Dar, but it is not exempt from pain and wounds. Fell Dar Svet in front of his Chariot – he could not himself use the Heavenly Fire anymore, nor he could open by his sight the doors of Chariot to give the Fire to His People. The Older Dars with their Courts begun to gather around the smocking Chariot of Dar Svet and him prostrated before it.

18 Days, artist Mukesh Singh

18 Days, artist Mukesh Singh

He would lie there, helpless, bleeding for ages and ages, had not had a mercy for him, and rebelled against the coldbloodedness of Dars, Snejana from the kin of Belfs, from the Guard of Dar Slovo. Dismounted she, came to Dar Svet, casted a spell of temporary oblivion, stitched his wounds, put him on his feet, and dragged him to the nearby dwelling of His People. Did not like that defiance Dar Slovo, and threw in their backs grim and unjust words that like a dirty late-spring snow will they slowly and shamefully melt under the bright shining of his Chariot. To prevent any soul on Earth to get to the Heavenly Fire inside the Dar Svet’s Chariot, Older Dars intrusted Dar Vilenus to safely hide and guard the Heart and Eyes of Dar Svet, the Dar Who Did Not Became Dar.

Saena the Wolf has finished his story. Yeva was sitting on the Grotto’s floor, clasping head between his hands.

— And all along, all these years caring after me, you knew about that Grotto, did not you? And Zimina. And Dar Vilenus filled this Chest and put it there,  — said Yeva with stifled voice.

— I’m leaving,  — decidedly announced Yeva, getting on his feet.  — And taking the Chest with me.

— That would not be easy to do, — shook his head Saena.

— Would it be you who won’t let me to do so? Even Dar Vilenus will not stop me.

— Ok, let me accompany you to the Hall of Reunion and Parting.

— No, Saena, all you could have done for me had been already done. From now on I take my destiny in my hands,  — bitterly concluded Yeva.

When Gates of the Hall of Reunion and Parting shut wide open, the early morning chill poured inside, and above the barely visible silhouette of the Easter Landing beamed the glow of the approaching ships of Dar Slovo, a figure in a long cloak and pointy hat stepped into the Gate opening.

— Yeva, you can not just leave the Shelter of Dar Veter, — warned Dar Vilenus.

— You imagine that you can ward me off!

— Juraj, ardent youngling Yeva, why do you think you have never been leaving the Shelter alone? Why you always have been accompanied either by me, or one of my Shapeshifters?  — brought Yeva to the proper attention Dar.

— Not just because of his solely decision Dar Veter gave you the refuge in his Shelter, not because of my solely desire I taught you. The Council of Dars gave us permission to do so. Also, it was decided you can not leave the Shelter more than for a full day. Dar Slovo, when circling this World in his Chariot, is supposed to watch over that. He, of course, does good deeds, in accord with how he understands that, but I do not consider that restriction over you to be just. Saena and Fawa, Masters of the Shapeshifting, were helping to detract Dar Slovo’s sight from you, until the time you would become the Master of Life, and Dars’ tabu would not have Power over you. However, you are not ready, yet.

— I, probably, have to feel hatered to you… and gratitude, too… — confused, said Yeva, — but I feel nothing. I only want to leave your insincere, deceptive World of Dars – I am fed up with it. Step away, Dar Vilenus, I’m going no matter what, whatever consequences will come.

— I’m not stopping you, Yeva, — answered Dar Vilenus. — I only want to give you these Horse Skins. You already had experience in handling Fawa’s one, during your childish adventures with Saena. These are similar. You will be able to hide from the restless eye of Dar Slovo in the Stallion appearance. And another, the Mare Skin… may become handy, too.

— Adieu, World of Dars! — shouted Yeva in his full voice, galloping towards the lighting up Dawn. — Embrace me, World of Men!

Saena and Dar Vilenus were closing Gates of the Hall of Reunion and Parting in silence.

— He will be happy there, — unconvincingly proposed Saena, — that would be only Just… Oh… oh… — interrupted himself by the sigh Saena the Wolf.

To be continued…

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