Handsome Yeva: A reconstruction of the Proto-indo-european myth #8

Ruma met Saena and Yeva near the Gates of the newly-built City of the Sacred Rock.

— Hi, Uncle, hi, my Sworn Brother, you are just in time for the city’s founding anniversary celebration! — greeted them he. — Let me show you how much we have built since the last your visit!

Ruma, with his friends, known to Yeva since the early days of their common childish mischievous endeavors, led guests through the living quarters of the City, towards the Central Square with the communal buildings.

— You, indeed, did not lose time, — acknowledged Yeva. — However, that firewood bundles, our Brothers-Wolflings are carrying all the way after us, look out of place in such a beautiful city, — Yeva couldn’t have helped himself in avoiding primitive jokes.

— No, no, you won’t provoke me this time, my thoughtful Brother, — laughed Ruma. — I had listened to your ideas, and invited in the City Wise Men, Masters of their Craft, and Beautiful Women. They came here exactly because of these “bundles of firewood”, and from these days and on you will find them in any decent city of Dar Svet’s Nation!

— And, by the way, you’ll see why, — said Ruma, when he noticed a too festive and jovial celebrator unwelcomely flirting with a girl who were trying to get rid of him on a narrow back street, which they were passing by. — Wolflings! — shouted Ruma.

Ruma’s pals unwinded ties from the bundles, bound the perpetrator, and applied to him couple of hot lashes.

— Unfortunately, not all relatives of those who come here in the City, understand how we live here, and they try to liberate our new citizens by force, — lamented Ruma. — We have lots of wounded after these clashes. My Uncle had have to teach you number of tricks of the Earth, — Ruma looked back at the grinning Saena. — Can you help them? To heal their wounds and regenerate cut off hands-legs?

— You look like a squeezed fruit, — noticed Saena, when they with Yeva were coming back from the nightly escapade. — Were there such serious cases with the wounded?

— No, I dealt with them quickly, — tiredly answered Yeva. — But then Ruma came to me with one more, delicate request. A lot of girls in the city were barren…

— Exactly that was the theme of your latest classes with Fawa, wasn’t that? And you had Fawa’s Goat Skin with all necessary tools, hadn’t you? — surprisedly asked Saena.

— There were dozens and dozens girls … — moaned Yeva.

— Wait, wait, — the Wolf was surprised even more. — You healed them… errr… in individual manner? I think Navi’s songs distracted your concentration in classes. Fawa heals the procreation problems in whole neighbourhood with a single snap of his favorite Skin’s tale.

— The Timeless Time is about to end, Zimina, Dar Svet is returning to this World, — Dar Vilenus interrupted Saena’s humoristic stories about their adventures with Yeva and Fawa.

— Yes, and again will run, will spin, will entangle white and red threads, beading river’s splatters and solar glares… It is time for Young Yeva to forget about us, the time of adulthood has come, — decisively ended her phrase Zimina.

To be continued…

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