Handsome Yeva: A reconstruction of the Proto-indo-european myth #7

Long, long days, months, and years of Yeva’s studies has begun. Dar Vilenus put Fawa the Shapeshifter, from the court of his aides, in charge of Yeva’s education. In contrast to gregarious Saena, for Fawa, it seemed, only company of Mosses, Grasses and Trees, Small and Big Creatures, living under the Roots, between Branches and among Stalks and Trunks, was needed and sufficient.

— Look, — used to say Fawa to Yeva, guiding him through the Noble Oak Groves of Leshies, Enchanted Swamps of Navi, Aspen Highlands of Beregini, Pine Dunes of Rusali, Starry Steppes of Pyleviks, Labyrinth Jungles of Gandharva, Dreaming Deserts of Hala, Icy Barrens of Vilas, — look at these places by the eyes of each Giant Tree, look by the eyes of each Grass Blade on the Wind, by the eyes of each Lichen on the Rock, by the eyes of each Hock in the Skies, each Leopard in the Hiding, each Deer on Alert, each Shrew in the Borrowing, each of each Ant with a Fir-Niddle. Look, and create the same Corner of the World they live in by yourself. Work hard – you create a Little World for somebody, make it such as you would want to see your World. And do not forget about Forest People, have a pity for them – their laborious work would be to fix mistakes you have done.

More and more difficult and complicated were becoming Fawa’s assignments, further and further they were traveling, stranger and stranger were becoming corners of the World they were trekking in: Ghostly Hollows of the Dreaming Mushrooms, Foamy Shores of the Thinking Oceans, Motionless Gardens of the Stone Flowers. And where Yeva and Fawa went, there Saena was accompanying them, guarding, entertaining, feeding and caring after them. Finally, Fawa started the most sophisticated stage of Yeva’s education – obtaining the skill of metamorphing one creature into another. “Watch out”, were muttering Saena, “for your creations would not have eaten you, or, in their turn, would not have turned yourselves in something else”.

With the progress of learning and growing of its difficulty, were growing Yeva, too, gradually turning into an elegant, handsome, and starry-eyed young man.

Once, on overnight camping on one of their trips, when Fawa was long asleep, aSaena was still vigilantly watching surroundings through half-closed eyes, and Yeva was fantasisingly looking on the Milky Way, listening to songs of Navi, he suddenly lifted himself up on the elbow, and asked Saena:

— Saena, my Friend, all these years I heard name of Dar Veter, but never had a chance to see him. Is it a real person, does he exist at all? Why didn’t I meet him?

— You saw, saw him, — murmured Saena through his vigilant semi-dream, — you only did not realise that.

— Really… — like getting confirmation of his own suspicions, slowly pulled the word Yeva. — And whose second name is that? Vilenus’? Zimina’s? Aren’t you Dar Veter?

— Don’t say nonsense, — grumbled Saena, getting awaken completely.

— Saena, who is Zimina, how did she become Dar Vilenus’ daughter-Vila? — continued rambling Yeva. — I’m geting thrown either in the heat or in the cold in her presence. Sometimes her glance is burning me, sometimes I feel warmth and cuddle of the home hearth, and sometimes a wave of ice slams me, and goosebumps run down my spine… — unreservedly moundered Yeva, automatically spinning an apple in his fingers, turning it either into a pine-cone, or into a nut.

— She is your Older Sister, Little Yeva, — answered Saena with a mentor tone. — And she saw a lot of what you even don’t have an idea about… Some day you will become her equal, but now, looks like, Fawa is underloading you with studies.

— Or overloading… Listen, let’s go again to my nephew, to get a break from your lessons, — proposed Saena.

— To steal apples again… Or horses from local petty kings? That, indeed, was fun long time ago, and we became with Ruma like brothers, but I’ve already matured for such an entertainment.

— He has matured too, already. Last time you both wanted to build your own city…

— Yeah, — laughed out Yeva, the same time scratching back of his head, — that was an unconventional recreation – to get a shovel hit into the head.

— And why did you get that bruise, remember? Because you said that in a real City live not only Shepherds and Tramps… My nephew, finally, listened to your laments, — made the pause Saena. — And invited lovely, smart and gentle girls from surrounding lands into his City of Sacred Rock…

— Girls… — averting his attention from Navi’s songs, repeated Yeva.

— Yes, indeed, why not to visit my Brother-Wolfling…

— And don’t forget to take one of the Fawa’s Skins. His favorite Goat Skin, on which his head is resting now. Carefully change it to the Wolf’s one… Did you master how to handle it?

— Errr, I started… — muttered Yeva.

— Ok, you’ll sort it out in action… Let’s go!

To be continued…

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