Handsome Yeva: A reconstruction of the Proto-indo-european myth #6

18 Days, artist Mukesh Singh

18 Days, artist Mukesh Singh

Merega the Eagle and Mara were standing on a narrow cliff in front of the cavern opening sealed by the Veil of Moon Light.

— Time has come for me to say good-bye… Don’t worry, Mara, — Merega cut himself off, when he noticed panic in Mara’s eyes, — Dar Vzor will send you to those Where and When which you ask him about. See you! — screeched the Eagle, and jumped into the deep, spreading his wings.

Mara lightly brushed the Veil of Silver Light with her fingers – it happen to be silky and elastic on touch. Slow waves rolled away from the point of contact, and the substance moved towards her when Mara tried to pull off her hand. Mara made a deep breath and stepped through the elastically-sticky shimmering. She heard a pop in her ears, and then Mara found herself in a Hall lit by the same Silvery-Moon Light. Mara couldn’t see where the Hall was ending, or even whether it had limits at all – she couldn’t recognise any walls or ceiling in the ubiquitous illumination which was filling the Hall. In the middle of the Hall, on the Silver Throne, set an Old Man in a simple white dress. His Silver Hair was freely lying on the white clothing. Few vapor-like windows were flying before him. Constantly changing images were flashing in the windows.

— Good day, my girl, — turned the Old Man to Mara and away from his ghostly pictures, as soon as she’s got used to the surroundings.

— Hello, Dar Vzor, — greeted him Mara. — My father said that Dars have plans for my destiny, and you can help me to find out what are they.

— I do not have power over your destiny, or fates of men, or other people, or Dars’ fates. And I do not know who might have such power. I only present gifts, and everyone decides what to do with them. Dars can choose to make plans regarding your destiny, their own, or somebody else’s, however, everyone choses what to do, speak, or think by himself.

— You know now, — continued Dar Vzor, — that Yeva is safe for now, and under a good supervision; you know that at home your old parents, shadows of former themselves,are waiting for you. Your heart knows what to choose. When Yeva comes into real troubles, you will know what to choose, too.

— However, let us turn to the gifts that I have chosen for you, — switched to another topic Dar Vzor. — The First one is the Key That Opens All Doors, and, as an additional, Second gift, goes one more name for you – Inga. These gifts are not just for you, but for those whom you will wish to share them with. Yet another gift is only for you, Inga, – if, or when, you get tired or disenchanted by this new name, when fire of your soul goes out, when before your sight is only a wasteland, and your mind is frozen by an icy cold, put this Comb in your hair – you will be able to change everything. This is my Third gift for you. Now they are yours. — Dar Vzor stood up from his Throne, pulled from nothing a Silver, of course, Key and Comb, and gave them to Mara.

— Thank you, Dar Vzor, you helped me a lot, — expressed gratitude Mara. — Now, if I could, I would like to return home…

As soon as she finished the phrase, silvery light flashed in her eyes, and Mara found herself near well-familiar Shack. Snejana and Zorisvet still were standing near Shack’s entrance and were waving to the remote, recessing speck in the skies.

— Dear my Mara, you have decided to come back to us, — delightedly exclaimed Snejana, when she noticed Mara’s reappearance.

— Dar Vzor, of course, couldn’t help himself in avoiding playing his tricks, — smiled Svelen.

— Let’s go to the Shack, — continued him. — Tell us, Mara, all you consider we should know… Dar Vzor did tell you, as he usually does, that we themselves, and only we, are responsible for all our thoughts, words, and deeds, didn’t he?

— Yes, he did, and that the only thing he does is giving gifts. For me, and everybody I want to share it, he gave the Key That Opens All Doors, and one more name for me – Inga.

— Old Intriguant decided to replay everything… — slowly drew words Svelen.

— Long time ago, — he reminded an old story, — Dar Svet decided to present Heavenly Fire to his People. The Fire that makes possible to do all what Dars can do. Dar Svet’s Older Brothers fought him to prevent that. His Chariot fell in our Forest, but he himself had disappeared. However, Heavenly Fire is still locked inside the Chariot, but nobody could enter it. Now, the Dar Vzor’s present changes everything.

— Inga, the Firy Girl, are you ready to unlock the Heavenly Fire? Hearts of People are not equal to Hearts of Dars. A man who takes the Heavenly Fire in his Heart won’t be as Powerful, Invincible, Perfect, and Cheerful as Dar. In opposite, the Restlessness, the Chase, the Doubt will be his Names. However, an Inextinguishable Thirst for Knowledge would be ignited inside him, before fruits of which non of Dars’ obstacles could stand against.

— Show me the path to the Chariot of Dar Svet, daddy. I accept both gifts of Dar Vzor, — has decided Inga.

To be continued…


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