Handsome Yeva: A reconstruction of the Proto-indo-european myth #5

For a long time set without a movement Snejana, Zorisvet, and Mara in their devastated Shack, until Mara has broken silence:

— Daddy, what will happen to Yeva? When will he come back?

— I do not know, Mara, — answered contemplatively Zorisvet. — We became people, and bore, and raised you as people – as consolation for us, and joy for you. However, looks like, Dars had in mind their own plans for you… Yes, Mara, for you – too. At the dawn will come an emissary from Dar Vzor, the one who foresees the Past and remembers the Future. You will fly with the messenger alone. Unfortunately, your’s and Yeva’s childhood is gone – we no longer can accompany you there where you will go. However, that is a grandiose and exciting World, and you will have wonderful Tutors… And for now – go to sleep, you will need your strength and a clear mind tomorrow.

At dawn, near the semi-destroyed Shack, already was striding back and forth Merega the Giant Eagle, spooking occasional strollers by his unusual appearance.

— Greetings, Zorisvet, again, — Merega screeched, saluting Svelen, — I did not think I shall be meeting you so frequently, – frivolously continued him.

— Salute, Merega-go-Between, usually, you do not think at all, — Zorisvet paid Merega back in the same currency.

— You are wrong, Svelen. Though, now I have business not to you, but to your daughter, — and the Eagle pompously declared to Mara who just approached the pair: — The Silver King awaits you! — and, switching to his regular manners, continued: — Usually, I carry his guests in my paws, but, especially for you, I offer more comfortable sit on my back, but, please, do not nip my feathers.

When sitting on Merega’s back, Mara smiled to Zorisvet and embracing him Snejana, though more of all she wanted to cry. Then she waved them good-by, and Merega charged into the sky.

— Come back, sooner or later. You and Yeva will be awaited here the rest of the times! — reached Mara mother’s parting words.

— By the way, talking about Yeva, — screeched Merega. — I, from him, and for him, say hello to you. He is alive and in a good health, luckily, and because of me. However, he will need to make a lot off efforts to come back here.

— Did you see him? Did you talk to him? Where is he? — Mara immediately bombarded Merega with questions.

— I am a messenger, an envoy, an aide of Dars, Mara. But what is important in this World is not limited by them. I passed you this hello by solely my consideration, does not matter what you father says. However, I do not discuss business entrusted me by Dars. Look better at how beautiful our World looks from up here! A lot of time will pass before you have a chance to see it once again.

Bellow, between islands of low-laying clouds, one could see an unsettled, agitated carpet of the Forest, a slithering band of the River. Afar, by one wing, lay the Endless Steppe, by another wing – Mountain Chain, which peaks were shining by snowy blaze in the light of rising Sun. Suddenly, far away, near the very horizon, appeared a giant shadow. Without visible efforts, like a feather, it rose up, pierced blanket of clouds high above, leaving a swirling vortex in them, and vanished from the eyes.

— What was that, Merega? — asked Mara.

— People of Elder Dars are leaving this World, Mara. From here, above, one even can’t imagine that there, down below, on fringes of the Forest, live men, the Nation of Dar Svet. The Forest needs a Loving Mentor, not just a Temporary Ward… But I won’t be confusing you any more with my thoughts on this topic, anyway it is not in my position to have any… — still sulking on Svelen, finished his philosophisms the Eagle. — Let’s fly to the Portal, it is time to take care of your business, Mara, — changed focus Merega, steeply turning towards the Mountains.

To be continued…

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