Handsome Yeva: A reconstruction of the Proto-indo-european myth #4

— Hrmm… Yeva… — Wolf Saena broke the pause that started becoming uncomfortable. — Sorry, I was rude, and probably was too rough toward you. But I did not have much time for etiquette. Though many say I’m harsh and brutal by nature, I am also joyful, knowledgeable and resourceful. I feel we will spend a lot of time together, and, as an excuse for… err… all inconveniences of the last night, I promise to show you some exciting corners of this World the persons who present here even do not aware of… — smirked the Wolf and winked to Yeva.

— OK, enough showing of, Saena — entered conversation Dar Vilenus. — You have one more assignment for today that is not finished yet.

— Those assignments… — started complaining the Wolf, but immediately cut himself off under the stringent gaze of Dar Vilenus’ eyes, and continued apologetically: — OK, OK, one paw here, another claw there… See you, Yeva! — roared the Wolf, and disappeared into Tall Grass of the Meadow Hall.

— Yeva, — turned to the boy Dar Vilenus, — from now on you may always count on the circus shows Saena loves to act out at leisure times. However, while Saena’s gone, let us talk about the serious, important things.

For the first time from the beginning of conversation Yeva raised his sight and met the gaze of the pair of attentive eyes of different colors.

— I and my daughter Zimina are here because of the invitation of Dar Veter. He, and others, asked me to be your Tutor. I am not the best candidate for this role, considering our… frictions with your father. He is brave, noble, but too much fond of his soul-less “toys”. You are growing up as the same deserving man like your father, however, you see and understand what Zorisvet do not pay attention to. I have been watching you in the Forest I responsible for. You come to Him like a desired guest – with respect and understanding. Would you like me to teach you how to be not only Guest, but His Coach, Healer and Mentor?

— Dar Vilenus, — Yeva let go Zimina’s hand and made a step forward, — why didn’t you ask me that before? I heard about you at Home, I saw you in the Forest, too, and I even wanted to talk to you. Now I am scared, confused, and want to go Home. Zimina told me I’m not allowed to. Why?

— Yeva, — made a long pause Dar Vilenus, — you may come back Home only as a part of the Forest. I can teach you how to become its most important part – His Master.

— I am ready, — simply answered Yeva.

— Let us start your education, — routinely replied Dar Vilenus.

Tears were rolling down Zimina’s face.

To be continued…

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