Handsome Yeva: A reconstruction of the Proto-indo-european myth #3

18 Days, artist Mukesh Singh

18 Days, artist Mukesh Singh

Drip… Drip… Darkness… Drip… Drip… Silence… Drip… Drip… Moist moss…
Only Moon shines from afar… No, no, it is face of a fair maiden… And the Moon Girl is calling somebody…

— Yeva! Little Yeva! Can you hear me? Come to me! Come to my voice!

— Yeva? Is it my name? Who are you, Maiden, do I know you? I see silver light of your hair, ice of your eyes of the dmask blade color, snowy silk of your face, but, for some reason, I recall fiery hair, forest-green eyes, and glow on my sister Mara’s face … Why do you remind me her? Are you my older sister, the one who was almost never being mentioned by my dad and mom? What name may I call you by?

— I am your older sister now, yes, little Yeva… Call me… Zimina…

— Zimina, my sister, do you know what has happened? Where am I? And where is Mara, and mom and dad?

— Little Yeva, a lot of things have happened since Ghostly Wolves carried you away from Home. Time will come when you will learn about that. However, the most important now is that we are guests of Dar Veter, in his Shelter, and here you are safe. You were saved at the very last moment, but everything is in the past right now.

— Guests of Dar Veter? He saved me? I want to thank him! …and …and ask him for help… I remember, when Wolves were carrying me away from Home, we flew through a lot of lands, forests, mountains and seas… I won’t be able to find the way Home by myself… Will Dar Veter help me… us?… You will come with me, will not you? Mara will be glad to see you, and mom and dad, too! You know, they do not show it, but I see it, they are so sad they did not see you, all of you, older children, for a long, long time…

— Oh, Little Yeva, how badly I want to return back into those carefree times, in our Shack, in our Forest… And I will do everything for you, so you could do that. And Dar Veter will, and our friends, too. However, while you are safe here, in Dar Veter’s Shelter, you can not, yet, leave it, and go beyond its limits, in the Big World…

— I am here… forever? Never-ever… will not I be able to leave it?…

— Do not rush to lose you hope, Little Yeva. You will be able to come out into the Big World, to return back Home, however, to do that, you should learn a lot. Dar Veter has invited not only me, but my step-father, too, who will teach you all he knows. Let’s go, I’ll introduce you to him.

Zimina took Yeva by hand, and determinedly led him to the Gates of Meadow Hall. Gates shut open, and brother and sister came out to the light from the semi-shadow of the Moss Hall. When Yeva’s eyes has adjusted to bright illumination of the Hall, he, through the semi-closed eyelids, recognized an old man in cloak and pointy hat, who was combing scruff of a Giant Wolf.

— Dar Vilenus, Saena… — exhaled Yeva, squeezing sister’s hand with all his mights.

To be continued…

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