Handsome Yeva: A reconstruction of the Proto-indo-european myth #2

18 Days, artist Mukesh Singh

18 Days, artist Mukesh Singh

Strange were growing Yeva and Mara. Their hair was glowing as Heavenly Fire, tranquility of the Forest swirled in their eyes of the foliage color, refined were their enlightened faces, skin was smooth as silk, gestures and postures were panther-like. They were not afraid of the Dar Vilenus’ Forest, but shied away from the usual and dull childish plays, instead they loved to come up with their own, each time novel and unique games, and they knew songs, tales, and jokes nobody ever heard before.

Kids from the Village were sometimes making fun of the Twins, but always loved to take part into their expeditions into the Forest for the Wild Bees Honey, which was sweeter than dreams and was giving strength to play whole day and night and not get tired, for the Morning Mist of the Meadows, which was making spirit to rise up to crowns of the Trees, for the Berries, which could be peacefully peaked in the company of Forest Creatures, for the Smoking Mushrooms, which were carrying Wisdom of the Ages, for exciting sporting games which Yeva and Mara were making up on the fly under cover of Ancient Oaks and on River Banks.

Svelens cherished their juniors. The Inner Light and Beauty came back to Horsa, and Perhun was not coughing and limping so badly any more. Probably they saw in kids their own youth in far-away lands and among other nations, and that was giving them hope and strength. Only with each coming of Twins’ Birthday – the Great Night – a shadow of worry began clouding over Svelen’s face. At dark he was coming out, far passing the Village Fence, peering in, like he could see anything, and listening to restless waves rolling over the silvery foliage of the Vilenus’ Forest. He was standing there, on the verge of the Forest, for a long time, until Sevelena was coming, enfolding his shoulders, and drawing him away home, where kids already were peacefully sleeping. Usually, Svelen remained silent for a long time after that, but this night he broke silence immediately after Svelena shut the door of their Shack:

— He is coming, Snejhana. The Forest is teaming with his spies and servants. Soon, he’ll pay us a visit.

— But why? What for? Everything has been decided and ended. We are now just Shadows, no more – remember names that Dars “bestowed” us at the end. And our children are humans. Only humans, people among other people of this Village – comfort for us and amusement for their fellow friends…

— It seems not only, Taya. Time has come to get the Vajra-Axe…

— But, you can’t… It’s only a piece of metal in your hands, Martay…

— Not in hands of Yeva! It’s time to start his lessons…

However, even before Svelen has finished his sentence, floor of the Shuck exploded with myriad of roots, wiggling like snakes, grubbing and probing all they came in contact, smashing humble Svelens’ possessions, entangling and pinning Svelens and their children to the walls. Bursted into pieces the doors of the Shack, and  Leader of the Ghostly Wolves, Saena-from-Peaks, rushed on the doorsteps.

— No, Old Zorisvet, from this point and on Dar Vilenus takes Yeav’s education in his hands. An you will continue your long useless life here, in this borrow.

Grubbed he Yeva, and immediately whole pack has disappeared, like they had never been here. Wind. Shoots. Twigs. Prairie grass in the face. Thread the Wolves close to the ground, fly through the thicket, dash up the cliffs, dive into prairies. All lags behind, in the past: Sister, Parents, Child Games, Forest, River. And only Moon rushes after Yeva, being carried away by Wolves into Unknown Lands.

— Where are you bringing me to? Why? Who sent you?

Answer not the Wolves, they don’t speak to Yeva, they only hurry up each other with growls:

— Faster! Faster! Make it before the Dawn!

The Edge of the Earth is nearing by, and Shores of the Underground Sea already could be sighted. And a huge Western Landing, too. The Stone Path leading to the Landing is cracked everywhere, and Granite of the Pier is partly melted and disfigured because of the Unbearable Heat. Wolves did not stop to wait for those who come by the Path or leave from the Landing. They hit the Waters and turned into Dragons. Swim they further and further, to the East, and only water splashes between their wriggling bodies. Fell into sleep Yeva on the Saena’s back, under the watchful sight of thousand and thousand Dar Vilenus’ spies – Stars in the Sky and Lights in the Water… Silence… Darkness…

To be continued…

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