Handsome Yeva: A reconstruction of the Proto-indo-european myth

18 Days, artist Mukesh Singh

18 Days, artist Mukesh Singh

Great Night, Holy Night. Many Moons ago the War of Dars had ended on the similar Silver Night. However, that Night was not so silent and peaceful as this one. Dar Vilenus’ Combat Trees groaned, crackled, and thumped, in their branches Firebirds rattled with armored feathers, among giant tree trunks flowed Wolves-Shapeshifters.

A chirping, clicking and clacking, clanging and clanking veil of Giant Scorpions, Hornets and Centipedes, glittering and shimmering by their brilliant, golden and silver armor, whirled out of cities of Dar Slovo. Winged Mares of Dar Boy swept everything on their way. Hissed and melted the Ice, in clouds of its vapor bubbled, popped, solidified and cracked the Melted Rock. Rushed down, to the Sea, furious, muddy torrents of the freed water, deforming the face of Earth. Fell and crashed, inflamed, the Chariot of Dar Svet, who stormed the Heavens. And all went silent.

18 Days, artist Mukesh Singh

18 Days, artist Mukesh Singh

Dars went back to Heavens: and Dar Slovo, and Dar Vilenus, and Dar Drugan, And Dar Dobro. Even Dar Boy, brother of the rebellious Dar Svet, made a peace with older brothers, and has returned with them to Empyreal Lands. Frose the Dar’s powers where they were: Trees put down roots and fell asleep, Ice melted away, Rocks cooled down, grass sprung through Crystal Wasteland. Time healed wounds that Earth has been suffering from because of the War. Strange creatures and children of Dars either parted the Earth, too, or withdrew into deeps of Dars’ dormant elemental powers. Orphaned People of the Dar Svet begun to search for their place on the Earth.

Not far from the place where fell the Chariot of Dar Svet, which, of course became soon forgotten, on the banks of the River, near the margins of the Dar Vilenus’ Forest, sprung a small settlement of the People of Dar Svet. People’s memory is short, but legends remember all – the settlement got a name Village of Falling Stars.

They said that here and there Dar Vilenus was spotted, taking an appearance of the bearded old man in cloak and pointy hat. He just disappointedly shook his head watching at people’s futile efforts to tame and domesticate animals and plants.

One way or another, people’s life got on track, the Village grew, and nobody noticed when a small shack of a blind cripple and his wife appeared at outskirts of the settlement. Probably, long time ago she was a stunning beauty, most likely from the noble kin of Belfs, People of Dar Slovo. However, now, because of the harsh life, her face and hands got touched by the net of wrinkles, nails darkened and split, stature hunched, and light in her emerald eyes deemed. Rumors were going around that she may wield charms and talk to horses at night. Her husband was also from far away, but he didn’t like to disturb people by the view of his horrible injuries, and tried to avoid going public. He was not only blind, but, it seemed, a terrible beast tore up his eyes and mutilated his face. People were whispering that whole his body, he was thoroughly draping in clothes, was awfully mauled, too, and that a common man could have not survive such injuries.

To those, who have been asking what were their names and what they were doing in faraway lands, the cripple and his spouse were cryptically answering that their names were Svelen and Svelena. But nicknames Perhun and Horsa rather stuck to them, about which they no less cryptically were smiling and saying those are theirs names, too. Svelens were living isolated and lonely, and about their older children they were saying that those are busy far-far away. But when on one of the Great Night they bore a twin pair whom they named Mara and Yeava, and when these twins became darling of the Village, Svelens were finally accepted by the community as equals. Svelena’s lullaby:

Baby, baby, rock-a-bye
On the edge you mustn’t lie
Or the little grey wolf will come
And will nip you on the tum,
Tug you off into the wood
Underneath the willow-root

got popular among villagers – Dar Vilenus’ Forest lied not far from the Village, and it, it was told, was still inhabited by strange creatures left from the times of Dars’ War, and those were shepherded by Dar Vilenus’ Ghostly-Wolves.

To be continued…

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