After all, Keep Christ in Christmas!

In her article “For Christ’s Sake, Leave The ‘Christ’ Out Of Christmas” Tiffany Willis gives a good overview of the pagan roots of Christmas celebration. Though there are some omissions and fuzziness in her presentation.

For example the Santa Claus/St. Noel figure in eyes of northerners is more mythical, and related to the Odin-like personage rather than the historical St. Nicolas figure. The Odin’s ride on the eight-legged horse Sleptnir as a leader of the Wild Hunt, and related sacrifice rituals and feasts, produced the later Christianized legends and rites of the snow-white bearded, pointy-hat rider of the 8-deer carriage, who punishes naughty people. Christmas presents, initially, were considered as a offerings to Odin/Santa to appease him. They were placed at the points of his possible entry (chimney, for example), so he would take them and leave, not wandering inside the dwelling.

The Jeremiah 10:1-4: “Learn not the way of the nations… for the customs of the peoples are vanity. A tree from the forest is cut down and worked with an axe by the hands of a craftsman. They decorate it with silver and gold; they fasten it with hammer and nails so that it cannot move” is not exactly saying about the Christmas Tree, but rather about wooden idols. However, the closest associate of Yahweh was “his Asherah”, about whom we read in Old Testament and the real, authentic archeological artifacts. And it is she, who was associated to the World Tree, the center of the Universe. So, technically, Willis is right in associating Jeremiah 10:1-4 with prohibition of Christmas Tree, but the way she states it just invites unnecessary criticism.

Especially hilarious is her implicit off-line dialog with Megyn Kelly
where Willis agrees, indeed, that Santa (historical St.Nicolas) was White, and even more, White Supremacist.

However, her conclusions that Christmas just a traditional holiday, in no way related to Christianity is just an ugly Puritan legacy. Real Christianity (not those fake Protestant sects) is well aware that the Christianity in not (only) extension of Judaism, but (in even greater degree) extension of European (and Persian) Paganism(s). All important theological ideas of Judaism/Christianity about monotheism, Messiah, Kingdom of God, Apocalypsis, and resurrection were borrowed by Judaism during the Persian Period of Judea, and were polished and perfected to strict norms of Greek philosophy in the Constantine the Great (and post-Constantine) times.

So, indeed, let’s still keep Christ in (pagan) Christmas, especially considering he might have been Persian (according to leading Assyriologists of their times), and was quite critical about his contemporary Judaism.

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