Dear congressional Republicans, please, please, f**k him up…

President_Barack_ObamaDear congressional Republicans, please, please, f**k the President Obama up in the upcoming vote on Syrian strike. Yesterday, in the Rose Garden Obama played a virgin pretending he has been outraged by the death of more then 1000 civilians in Syria. Where has he been all these couple of years during which years more then 100’000 were killed in the so called Syrian “civil war”? The war which was mainly conducted on Saudi money, supplied with weapons smuggled from Jordan and Turkey and executed chiefly by Al-Qaeda-like, or plainly Al-Qaeda “rebel fighters”, known by their affinity with cutting heads and eating hearts and leavers of their opponents.

What could Obama do during these years to stop the human suffering and civilian casualties in Syria? He could easily stop the war by pressing our one of the dearest allies – an absolute monarchy and a religious fundamentalist state of Saudi Arabia – to stop fueling the Syrian war, or even better, to help Assad exterminate those so called “rebels” with our famous killer-drone program. Instead, Obama choose no only do nothing in stopping Saudis and their pet-project, Syrian “civil war”, but provided an ideological and propagandist cover-up for them on international arena.

Dear congressional Republicans, of course, if you decide to kill the Syrian strike vote, that will be done based on a completely wrong set of reasons. However, no matter, no matter, just recall your republican fellow, Abraham Lincoln, who started our Civil War and issued the Emancipation Proclamation also for the wrong reasons. Nevertheless, those decisions made him famous and secured him a place in the World History.

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