It’s Cymru, not Wales!

View from Caernarfon Castle

View from Caernarfon Castle

It's Cymru

It’s Cymru

Cymru's mascot

Cymru’s mascot

The legend says that Welsh king Vortigern decided to build an impregnable citadel to defend against invading Saxons. However, all attempts to build it on the most perfect place failed because all the times when construction was about done the ground shook and the fortress was reduced to rubble. Merlin (Myrddin) the Wizard explained that the earth tremors were caused by the fight of two dragons underground – the Red one and the White one. The former represented Celts, and the latter – the Saxons. White dragon was winning, but, at the end of the day, the Red one, symbol of Celtic people of Cymru, will win the battle.

Caernarfon's Castle fragment

Caernarfon’s Castle fragment

This is the Caernarfon Castle where all Princes of Wales are crowned. This particular coronation throne was used during the coronation of the current Prince of Wales Charles.

Prince Charles's coronation throne

Prince Charles’s coronation throne

On the way to Caernarfon there was a very nice Diddanfa Bed and Breakfast, just off the A55 road in St. Asaph, hosted by very friendly and hospitable family.

Diddanfa B&B, St. Asaph

Diddanfa B&B, St. Asaph

Llyn peninsula's northern shore

Llyn peninsula’s northern shore

Beaches of the southern shore of Llyn peninsula

Beaches of the southern shore of Llyn peninsula

Snowdonia's trails

Snowdonia’s trails

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2 Responses to It’s Cymru, not Wales!

  1. Frank Curtiss says:

    Glad you liked North Wales – when did you visit? I hope it was before the recent snow this winter!

    • Sielicki says:

      It was last summer, a week before the Olympics. I guess weather that time was much better than recently 🙂

      Actually these were, probably, number of the best days last summer – sunny, warm and swim-permitting 🙂

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