JetBlue captain meltdown, American Airlines fligh attendant meltdown, what’s next?

For a short period of time we hear yet another story about psycho meltdowns of members of air crews. What is this? Are those just weird, atypical exceptions, without any lessons to be learned? Or these are the manifestations of the underlying systemic crisis? Isn’t it logical to expect anything else from the over-stressed, under-payed people as a result of the cost cutting (on one side of the pipe), and bottom-line improving, share-holders pleasing (on the other side), measures?

Should we take these indicators lightly? Probably not, as Daron Acemoglu (Killian Professor of Economics at MIT) and James A. Robinson (David Florence Professor of Government at Harvard University) say in their new book Why Nations Fail: The Origins of Power, Prosperity, and Poverty.

These meltdowns may be important indications of the shift from the inclusive to extractive economy, impoverishing or prospering nation, successful of failing state…

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