“Justice for Trayvon Martin” petition

“Justice for Trayvon Martin” petition

However. It’s alarming that this case quickly turns into a matter of race. Of course, Al Capone was jailed for tax evasion, and Zimmerman may be gotten by Feds on racial-inspired crime claim. But the racial policies and legislations (either positive or negative) are not the answers to their root-cause problems, but just illusions of their resolutions.

The root-cause of this murder is the “shoot-first” law, and this is what has to be addressed.

In IV-th century BC, Livy tells us, Romans abolished the ancient nexum laws (the laws literally binding debtors and making them bodily liable to their creditors) by the muttum laws (the laws allowing creditors only claim property as a debt payment ) as a result of one outrageous nexum law application.

A wealthy creditor took a young son from the father who was in debt to him to use the youth for sexual favors. When the young man resisted, he was striped naked in whipped. The victim ran out of the creditor’s house and asked citizens for help. The consuls convoked the senate, and the law was voted out on the spot.

Unfortunately, I can’t see anything like that happening in this case…

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