1%’s Foreign Policy

Americans recently have started to realize how destructive for the matrix of everyday life is the Class Warfare waged by Conservatives in early 80’s. Key battles won by them in this Cold Civil War are gradual dismantling of safety nets created in the New Deal and Great Society times; bringing taxes for wealthy to the unprecedented historical low, thus putting US in terms of inequality index at the level of Rwanda and Mozambique; re-instituting the use of Death Penalty, which makes US the only developed country practicing it; explosive growth of jail population, which overshadows prisoner numbers of the worse years of Stalin’s GULAG; erosion of the Civil Liberties by the Patriot Act; and the effective handing out of these Liberties to Corporations by the Supreme Court.

However, what a typical American is not yet realized is that those aggressions on Serbia, Iraq, and a so called “leading from behind” creeping aggression on Libya (by breaking UN’s embargo on weapon supply and training of rebels), all these Abu Graib and Guantanamo tortures, and secret CIA jails are not just sad incidental misdeeds, but integral parts of the Foreign Policy of the same 1%, who, so far, are getting heat only for handling  internal affairs.

Let’s just read from the speech America’s Purpose in the World of the icon of the Conservatives – Ronald Reagan:

“…Too often, that team [Crater’s Administration] operated under the assumption that the United States must prove and reprove and prove again its goodness to the world. Proving that we are civilized in a world that is often uncivilized — and unapologetically so — is hardly necessary… We need a foreign policy stripped of platitudes, cant and mere moral earnestness…”

Yeah, indeed, the Foreign Policy (as well as the Domestic) of 1% is stripped of moral earnestness and hardly bother to prove to anybody that it’s civilized.

Rest in peace, Colonel. Very soon, 99% of Libyans will be remembering your name with respect, gratitude and remorse, as Serbians and Iraqis remember their leaders, murdered for the amusement and pleasure of the American 1% Elite.

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2 Responses to 1%’s Foreign Policy

  1. biblar says:

    Scary isn’t Sielicki; that these utter lunatics, dressed in suits and ties, displaying a public mask of normalcy; actually do murder their fellow human beings for amusement amongst other things; as you quite rightly say .

    I find it difficult to accept that unless the world can isolate the psychopathic genome; and eventually rid us of of these monsters, we are destined to witness many more decades of their ‘amusement’.

    Enlightenment of the public at large is the only other way; which is why I feel strongly that the first lesson within academia that every child should be taught; is how to recognise the psychopath.

    If everyone could learn to understand the behavioural patterns and comprehend what these behaviours indicate; recognition could be made by all. Too few people have a mental picture of the psychopath as the well dressed ‘businessman’, ‘benign politician’, or ‘philanthropist’. If they only did the game would be over before it even has a chance to start.

    Sielicki,Good blog
    Thank you.

  2. Sielicki says:

    Thank you for your response.

    On the side note, it’s fascinating that, indeed, anti-social behavior may be a physiological or genetic pathology – for example http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2555414

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